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Personal Training

Find confidence in your body

Sessions are based at the Sports Clinic Gym in central Christchurch. Choose from 30, 45, and 60-minute sessions depending on how much time YOU want to spend. Each session is designed around your goals and tailored to how YOUR body is showing up in the gym for the day.


Train with me online with regular check-ins and programme updates WITHOUT the time constraints of set appointments or training times.

Get in touch to book a free, no-obligation, discovery call to find out if I'm the kind of trainer you need to improve YOUR life.

Personal Training Options

As a Women's Fitness Specialist, certified by Girls Gone Strong in Pre & Postnatal Coaching, my first priority is your well-being and helping you train in a way that best suits your individual preferences, goals, and needs.

Sessions are run out of the well-equipped gym at the Sports Clinic in central Christchurch

30 Minutes


This length is best suited to those with exercise experience, who require less instruction on the "how-to" of basic movements. A great session for getting in and then getting on with your day!

45 Minutes


Perfect for beginners with plenty of time to learn any new movements, get a solid workout and have time to wind down before heading home. This length of time also allows more experienced folks who have a focus on strength training to get some more volume into their training.

60 minutes


This session time allows for a comprehensive warm-up, skill development, workout and wind down.
Perfect for folks who like to have a thorough exercise experience.

Online Training


My online service provides personalised, flexible, and easy to use training programmes that can be tailored for use in the comfort of your own home, or at the gym. 

I will work with you to create an individualised program that fits your needs and lifestyle.

Once you have your programme, you'll be supported by me with regular check ins and messaging support for questions and accountability.

With my online coaching service, you'll get fit and achieve your goals in your own time, and on your own terms.

Online Fitness

Running For Real Peeps

A learn-to-run group for the absolute beginner.

(The next group will begin in late Summer 2023. Please register your interest below to go on the waitlist.

How It Works:

Building a running practice can feel intimidating and be hard to start in a way that encourages longevity. Learn to run in a safe and supportive environment. We start super easy so you're guaranteed to feel successful and we minimise that pesky feeling of being really sore and the anxiety around getting hurt. If you have little ones, the group runs will be stroller friendly. We will be working towards taking part (either jogging or jog/walking) in a local park run (5km) towards the end of the year.​


Group runs will take place on Wednesdays at 9:30 am and Saturdays at 8am. We will meet in Foley Reserve, on Tisch Place, in Belfast each time. If the times work for you, you are welcome to attend both groups runs each week.

This programme includes:

  • 1x Coach Led Group Run Per Week

  • 2x Programmed Runs Per Week

  • Accessory Strength Training Advice

  • FB Group Support

Register Here

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